Vineyard treatment: multi row Sprayer that allows quick and effective multi-row treatments, saving time and money.

It is known that particular environmental conditions are required to carry out truly effective vineyard treatments, as well as the use of quality machines and products. At least if you want to do it professionally.

The best way for a 100% effective, but at the same time extremely fast, vineyard treatment is to use the TIFONE Sprawler agricultural sprayer.

Sprawler is equipped with a sturdy double frame that incorporates the large tank made of polyethylene, it is also equipped with a high-flow pump that allows both to stir the mixture and put the liquid under pressure.

With TIFONE Sprawler the treatment of the vineyard is fast and decisive thanks to an extendable nebulizer system that allows mono and bilateral treatments (2 complete rows) according to every need: the diffuser nozzles are installed on hydraulically adjustable devices directly from the driver’s seat to adapt perfectly to the different characteristics (height and width) of the vineyard.
And you don’t have to worry about any obstacles, in fact Sprawler is equipped with a hydraulic piston for opening arms and shock absorbers in the frame that will allow you to avoid them carefully.

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