100% Electric Pest Control Air Sprayer

100% Electric air sprayers for pest control

The first incredible Tifone new model of 2020: a totally electric powered sprayer for a powerful, sustainable, silent treatment, even and especially at night. New generation lithium phosphate battery which allows huge savings in fixed costs, fast top-ups, long working life for every need.
The future has come.

Air Sprayer for urban pest control of mosquitoes (adulticide and larvicide), flies, wasps and dust suppression.

The 100% electric Air Sprayer for Pest Control eCitizen is easy, intuitive, modern, silent, equipped with light, controlled with smartphones supplied as standard. These qualities make it suitable for daytime use and especially for nigthime Pest Control activity, in private or public spaces

The eCitizen Air Sprayer is also ideal for disinfecting sewers, landfills, water purifiers, collection sites, green spots, parking lots and storage places and for pesticide treatments in green spaces, residences, camping and water parks. eCitizen is also indicated for the removal of demolition and construction dust. For more information, see the eCitizen Line page.

Range up to 25 meters
Latest generation lithium battery
Long working autonomy
Quick and easy charging
Battery charger on board
eCitizen Wi-Fi App Management of Wi-Fi. Dedicated smartphone supplied.
Maximum safety thanks to IP65 insulation
Fast demountability

Catalogue downloadFor more informations, go to the eCitizen Line