Define and explain essentially the technique of the TIFONE sprayers

This GLOSSARY is intended to define and explain the technique of sprayers and their components and exclusivity. For more technical details, care in the use, causes troubleshooting and repairs also see SERVICE DO IT YOURSELF.

Indice alfabetico


Anchoring device preventing accidental loss of a separable element of the machine.
All caps of the TIFONE spraying equipment are equipped with a Anchor Security.

Prevents accidental fall and loss and possible damage thereto.
Standard equipment on all TIFONE Spraying Equipment.

Device to block the release and the dropping of spray nozzle, immediately after feeding is closed. There are several types of anti drip valves, applied to the nozzles:

  1. DIAPHRAGM type. It’s the most common type. Has the disadvantage of a large encumbrance that, with the nozzle located in the airflow stream, determines great turbulence and consequent lack of uniformity of distribution of the spray mist. Furthermore, the system determines a certain pressure drop in the spraying circuit.
  2. PISTON type. This system presents no encumbrance in the nozzle holder body as piston body simply replaces the feeding screw, which is completely external. Has the advantage of not producing any pressure drop in the spraying circuit, as once opened, the piston is totally external to the flow path.
  3. BALL type, stainless steel. It has the advantage of instant shut-off and ease. Also, does not cause any encumbrance external to the body of the nozzle as the ball system, is totally contained in the stem itself, with the advantage that it can be placed even in the air flow stream, without producing additional turbulence (TIFONE Pat.)

Anti-drip system that automatically creates a vacuum in the circuit of the nozzle feeding line at any interruption or stop spraying, preventing any nozzle dripping (TIFONE Pat.)

What are the advantages?
Producing an effect of depression in the nozzles circuit with no mechanical parts, for which it has unlimited duration, without any maintenance.

Why is it not used on all machines?
Most of the machines for the Pest and Vector Control are also equipped with a Micro-dosing pump, whereby the flow sucked back goes into the spray tank, so contaminating the clean water, which is the basis for the different spraying with specific formulation.

Available for on all vehicle carrying Pest and VECTOR Control units.

The Autofilter is a Unique, Fully Automatic – Continuous Self-Flushing – Pressure Filter.
The Autofilter, unlike usual filters, “it does not hold” the debris and solids, but it is acting as a barrier separating the debris and the spray feeding line.

With Autofilter, the debris are not drawn to seek to pass through the filter cartridge, but they are immediately flowed back to the tank. Where, however, they can not arrive intact as, at the passage through the narrow by-pass valve of the Telecontrol (TIFONE Pressure Regulator), all debris and solid bodies are instantly pulverized by the pressure and the high speed of the return flow in that point.

We repeat:

  • The Autofilter is a Unique, fully automatic self-flushing filter = therefore constantly clean and free.
  • The Autofilter does not get dirty or clogs ever. EVER.
  • The Autofilter, therefore, has never to be cleaned.
  • The Autofilter protects the nozzles in an absolute way.
  • Where is it placed in the machine ?
  • The Autofilter is integrated into the Telecontrol Exact, the TIFONE Pressure Regulator.
  • The Autofilter is a standard equipment on all TIFONE Cannon Sprayers
  • The Autofilter is a TIFONE intellectual property since 1980.

Feature specific and exclusive of TIFONE Air sprayers where, the Telecontrol system with “Autofilter”, determines the forced passage of debris and foreign matters through the narrow passage of the by-pass where, as a result of the pressure and high-speed, they are instantly pulverized.

Safety devices for automatic operation. In TIFONE Cannon sprayers it will provide to stop the engine in case of over temperature of water or oil or fail.

It is a Combined function device: The “Autotensor” function ensures the automatic transmission for the Horizontal and Vertical pointing the gun.

The “Antishock” function absorbs shock of medium-sized to the Mouthpiece of the cannon.

Characteristic relating the nozzles of the TIFONE sprayers where, the emission axis of the nozzles has a projection angle “tangential and converging towards the axis of the air stream”, such as to favour the best mixing of the spray mist with the air stream produced by the blower.


Easy quick angle adjustment, by magnet reversing control.
Original system built and applied by TIFONE. It stands out for its simplicity, ease of pointing and absolute reliability. “Solid State” System, without mechanical parts.

Function for the automatic processing for continuous “back and forth”, horizontally.
Instantly Programmable for the required spraying angle.
The automatic “back and forth” function is the ideal solution for a cheap, fast, accurate and automatic spraying of large areas of grassland and for weed control
Eliminates the need for a second operator and allows the driver himself to work in comfort and full relax.


It’s a site with a Spray Patternator, that is a large Vertical testing wall, with a series of capturing profiles, placed at different heights and capturing the spray mist emitted by the Air Sprayer. The captured spray mist is collected in a series of tubular transparent metering containers.

The Spray Patternator is a very good instrument to verify the operational characteristics of the Air Sprayers which are evaluated according to several parameters such as: continuity and uniformity of distribution, drift control. The Spray Patternator is present at different authorized Centres. TIFONE is the only one Manufacturer disposing of its on Wall Spray Patternator since the year 1978.

Spraying by Cannon is requiring a continuous precise pointing, then the presence of a dedicated operator, in addition to the driver of the vehicle. In order to eliminate the cost resulting from the second operator, the TIFONE Camera and 7” Monitor solution provides a very useful with a really profitable small investment.

An Industrial Camera, perfectly watertight and shock-proof up to 10G, providing a perfectly view also by night, is applied directly to the cannon mouthpiece, with an adequate impact-resistant protection, while the Monitor is applied on the dashboard of the vehicle, in front of the driver.

The system Camera + Monitor allows a perfect “direct visual”, even at night spraying and allows an easy precise instant “pointing” of the Cannon toward any area and under any angle, with a continuous, clear visual inspection of the spraying work. In fact, the Camera continuously takes up the area targeted by the cannon, with large amplitude (wide-angle), and with great depth of field. The colour Monitor, of considerable size (7″), high-definition, with anti-glare screen, and with any adjustment necessary for a good vision (contrast, brightness, intensity, dimming day – night) and of rear view mirror.

The TIFONE Camera + 7” Monitor System then allows the driver to the same precise pointing of the cannon live – visual for controlled spraying, and the final elimination of the necessity of the second operator. TIFONE Camera + 7” Monitor system is available for all TIFONE Cannon Sprayers.

It is the amount of air produced by the blower. It is expressed in cubic meters / hour (m³ / h)

It is the amount of fluid delivered by the pump. It is expressed in litres / minute. In the Citizen line and City line, namely the “City-320-ecology” and “City-500-ecology” is generally of 55 litres / min, largely ensuring the supply to Cannon, Hand Lance and Mixer.

Of the tank. The real total capacity. By law, the total tank capacity must be between 5% and 10% higher than the Nominal capacity.

Of the tank. It is the declared capacity and used in practice.

Element present inside a filter. Generally cylindrical in shape and surface with fine mesh, proportionate to the level of filtration required.

Typical the filter cartridge of the Autofilter, made of stainless steel of very fine mesh, as to protect in an absolute way also the nozzles of 0.8 mm hole.

Point of gravity of a body or of a system of bodies. In the case of the atomizer, the centre of gravity is the centre of mass of the machine. More the centre of gravity is low; the more the machine is stable. The low centre of gravity is a safety factor, very important in all conditions of use, especially when operating in slope condition.

This is a built-in facility, which allows the fast washing the full spraying circuit and spray tank after any utilization of the Cannon Sprayer.

It will grant the machine to be in the best condition, ready to spray any time next. The spraying circuit washing, considerably extends the life of the machine, avoids possible problems at work, and greatly reduces the cost of maintenance and repair.

The Washing of the circuit of the machine after every use, eliminates residue of pesticide mixture, avoiding sedimentation in the spraying circuit, preventing aggression to all rubber parts of the machine and the full circuit (Pump, filters, diaphragms, gaskets, hoses, nozzles, tank, etc.) and also will prevent any pesticide sedimentation in the tank bottom.

Important feature request to the pressure regulator, to ensure a good adjustment and maintenance of the spraying capacity, for which the machine has been adjusted. Pressure Regulator found only on the quality and precision. Exceptional the ‘Telecontrol EXACT+ Autofilter’.

Typical the shape of “City-320-ecology” and “City-500-ecology” where, characteristic and purpose of the project were, inter alia, those of a form which, in addition to accepting peripherally the various tanks and functional devices, give functional harmony to the whole and effectively contribute to “contain” the noise generated by the engine (sound barrier effect).

Self-Motorized sprayer on a CRAWLER base. With innovative solutions, advanced original technology with the following characteristics:

  1. Spray mixture tank in HD Polyethylene, Algae resisting Green into two Capacity:
    – 175 litres, for use in areas that are not flat.
    – 250 litres, for flat areas.
  2. Both tanks equipped with a smart content meter with large scale
  3. Fuel Tank in HD Polyethylene, 30 litres, integrated.
  4. Fresh water tank in HD Polyethylene, 19 litres, integrated.

The Crawler Cannon is available in the following configurations:

  • Crawler Flexigun Crawliner – 38 hp engine, with a spray range up to 35 m
  • Crawler Flexigun Crawliner – 13 hp engine, with a spray range up to 16 m

For a forced Thermal Aerosol fumigation of sewers without dispersion.


Is said of material that does not conduct electricity.
Used for the realization of parts for Electrostatic Charge (E±S+).

It allows a rapid emptying of the pump before the winter break and in areas with a risk of frost.

A standard in all TIFONE Equipment.


Static pump based on the ‘Venturi’ principle. Used with the function of ‘mixer’ of spray mist inside the tank or as a tank filler, taking the water from another tank or storage. Also called ‘Injector’.

It’s an electrical system, high voltage but very low intensity, deputed to transmit a positive electrical charge (+) to the single droplets forming the spray mist cloud.
In fact, the theme of the Pest and Vector Control, is becoming increasingly important for the growing need to achieve more advanced objectives, including:

  1. Increased effectiveness of spraying intervention,
  2. Reduction of number of intervention,
  3. Reduction of losses due to aerial drift,
  4. Reduction of losses due to dripping to the ground,
  5.  Reduction of pesticide charge per hectare,
  6. Reduction of energy consumption (fuel),
  7. Reduction of working time.

The above objectives are all of a high interest and more and more weight and attention, both for the Protection of the Environment and, not least, for Business Economics.
In order to optimize the spraying in the required directions, TIFONE has carefully re-studied the technique of “Electrostatic Charge”, as applied to pesticide spraying. Thus, by using new technologies and new aerodynamic attention, TIFONE has come to develop innovative solutions significantly more effective, compared with the state of the art. The result have been over any expectancy for the total diffusion of polarization. Today, spraying assisted by TIFONE High Diffusion Electrostatic Charge (E±S+), New Generation, is assuring Relevant and Visible Results.

As mentioned, the Electrostatic Charge is based on the applying of an Electrostatic Positive (+) Charge, to the droplets forming the spray mist cloud, launched by the cannon of the Air sprayer. An optimal use of the notion of Control requires, however, the optimization of the conditions of release and permeation features of the Chamber of Control of the mouthpiece and the conditions of “protection” and “guidance” of the spray mist, “Electro-loaded” and to be launched. The new TIFONE Electrostatic system: the ELECTROSTATIC CHARGE (E±S+), is based on the development of an innovative Cannon mouthpiece and of a Tripod Polarizer, both specifically designed to operate in a synergistic way. This New system, Electrostatic Charge (E±S+), can be summarized as granting:

  1. Reduced Losses by air drift,
  2. Increased Windproof,
  3. Wider spray Distribution,
  4. Increased spray Range.

The Air Spraying assisted by TIFONE ELECTROSTATIC CHARGE (E±S+), is more complete, even in the areas less directly exposed to the Cannon. Moreover, the TIFONE (E±S+), Charge, strongly reduces the losses due to air drift, and the drip to the ground. Phenomenon that can be seen even through simple visual observation. In addition, TIFONE (E±S+), is resulting highly synergic when spraying “Low Volume”, and “Ultra Low Volume” (ULV), where it allows a positive spray coverage with a drastic reduction of the volume of spray mist required for unitary surface, with a saving of spray mixture and formulated, even up to 50 %. The economic saving of the combination (E±S+) + ULV, is the direct result of:

  • The Recovery “by Electrostatics” of part of the dispersions,
  • The Very Reduction of excess wetting,
  • The Reduction of the drift air, and for,
  • The Reduction of the drip to the ground.

So, with the spraying assisted by TIFONE ELECTROSTATIC CHARGE (E±S+), all the points target listed in the opening are achieved.
The new system TIFONE Electrostatic Charge (E±S+) is available for all TIFONE Spraying Equipment.

The New High Diffusion ELECTROSTATIC CHARGE (E±S+), on the Flexigun Cannon, is another important technological advancement in the field of Pest and Vector Control. The spraying assisted by the New Integral Electrostatic Charge offers improved advantages particularly in Economic and Environmental key, namely:

  • Better Spray Coverage,
  • Improved effectiveness of spraying,
  • Reduction of spray mixture and formulates,
  • Reduction of Environmental Impact.

The New Integral High Diffusion Electrostatic Charge is particularly innovative also for the Cannon Mouthpiece with:

  1. Chamber favouring an intense Electrostatic Charge permeation,
  2. Anti – drift frontal Chamber,
  3. Tripod Polarizer, The New System High Diffusion ELECTROSTATIC CHARGE (E±S+), is a TIFONE idea.

Watertight compartment, to hold small common parts, useful in case of problems at work (nozzles, nozzle rings, gaskets, wrenches, pliers, etc.). Equivalent of ‘tool-box’.

A device that allows the micro-progressive acceleration of the motor from the control board, then power scaling of the machine according to the required performance.

A careful use of the accelerator micro-progressive treatment cheaper and also allows a lower noise level. Idea of year 1975.

All TIFONE sprayers are equipped with special push-button “Ergo” – full-control.
Lightweight, functional and ergonomic characterized by a particularly attention in study.
Enables the command and control of all functions of the machine from the board.
It is held with one hand and can be operated with one finger.
First introduced on the line “City-320 and city-500-ecology” and now also standard on all models.
Equipped with long cable for use also by the earth, for particular interventions. (Patented)

Evolution of the Ergonomic push-button remote, full-control.
No wires, with a powerful integrated antenna, an identical shape to the wired version, except for its Black colour.

Power of control over 50 meters. Being Wireless and Very Lightweight, it is very functional and can be utilized in different spraying situations.


Placed at the output of the pump. Prevents any possible clogging of the spray nozzles and mixer. In TIFONE Air Sprayers it is the Autofilter (Automatic Self-flushing Filter), integrated into Telecontrol Exact.

Generally assumed as a fixed value in the calculation formula. Equivalent to “Constant”. Often represented by the letter “K”.

The flexible sleeve connecting the base of the cannon with the mouthpiece. Particular subjected to considerable mechanical stress. In TIFONE machines is of the highest quality, and the type with wide bending and crush resisting.

1. The TIFONE Flexigun Cannons are special radial blowers, equipped with a spraying mouthpiece that can be pointed to any direction, horizontally and vertically. The range of pointing is 300° or more horizontally and 200° or more vertically. This feature allows you to spray virtually in any useful direction, or to any point in space, and spray any type of plantation, full field and in greenhouses.
Another salient feature of the Cannons Flexigun TIFONE is its long spray range, which goes from a minimum of 20 m to 50 m or more, depending on the model and applied power.

2. The TIFONE Flexigun Cannons are normally equipped with TIFONE Electrostatic Charge Advanced (E±S+), very powerful and functional, that transfers a Positive Electrostatic Charge (+) to the individual droplets forming the spray mist launched by the Cannon. The droplets, positively charged, are attracted from everything connected to the ground, negatively charged (-), so substantially improving the spraying coverage also of the parts not directly exposed, and, in parallel, reducing the losses due to air drift, otherwise potentially high.

3. In the TIFONE Flexigun Cannons, the ionization of the electrostatic field is obtained by a TIFONE Tripod Polarizer, absolutely free from power losses. Thus overcoming the old ring system, often cause of severe burns with short circuit until the annulment of ionizing function.

4. The mouthpiece of the TIFONE Flexigun Cannons has a Ventral Additional output for the Wide Angle function, which greatly expands the brush sprayer, allowing the rapid spraying of large areas such as High hedges, Embankments, Canal banks, etc..
The Wide Angle can be activated – deactivated at will.

5. The TIFONE Flexigun Cannons can be equipped with motion function Back-and-Forth that rhythmically moves the mouthpiece according to a chosen angular sector, allowing the automatic moving spraying without operator intervention. The adjustment of the “back-and-forth” angle is instantaneous, by magnetic poles. The “back-and-forth” function can be vertical and horizontal.

6. The TIFONE Flexigun Cannons be equipped with the function ULV-Absolute. The function ULV (Ultra Low Volume) allows you spraying
Pesticides spraying with very reduced volumes, i.e. with savings of spraying mixture and time. The function ULV-Absolute is a unique and patented TIFONE idea that differs from known normal ULV systems and is characterized by the following points:

  • Allows a VMD90 not be reached by normal ULV (spectrum droplets of maximum uniformity = 90% of the droplets have a diameter less than a given value)
  • The spectrum VMD90 droplets remains constant regardless of the blower speed and slowdowns at times required by the conditions of work (TIFONE unique )
  • The Cannon Flexigun with ULV-Absolute TIFONE can also be used at low speeds and very low, so minimizing noise. Condition valuable in the nocturnal spraying in inhabited areas.

7. The TIFONE Flexigun Cannons are controlled remotely to all functions: Spraying ON / OFF, Horizontal Pointing, Vertical Pointing.
The command can be wired control box or from a radio control (Wireless).

8. The TIFONE Flexigun Cannons a can be equipped with a camera and color monitor, even for night work. Typical function of the machines for tthe Pest and Vector control.

Summary of Important synergies of TIFONE Flexigun Cannon
Each of the 6 functions has its own important value.
In addition, their combination produces synergies of great value in terms of performance, functionality and operational savings.

Synergy 1.
The combination of the Advanced TIFONE Electrostatic Charge (E±S+) with the TIFONE ULV-Absolute produces: a) Maximum spraying Coverage, b) Minimization of the amount of spraying mixture and Formulates with important cost saving of pesticides (up to 50 %), of time (up to 70%) and energy (up to 30%)

Synergy 2.
The combination of Ventral Additional output for the Wide Angle with the “Back and Forth” fuction produces: a) Maximum productivity and, b)Significant reduction in the working time.

Special version of the Flexigun Cannon mouthpiece with two additional radial Wide Angle outputs: One at the bottom and One at the top.

Both outputs are equipped with their own nozzle with activation – deactivation On / Off.
The Dual Wide generates a very broad spray, suitable for the treatment of large surfaces in much shorter times.

Same mouthpiece as above, with the additional facility that you can rotate the mouthpiece by 90°, to get:

a Vertical wide spray pattern:

  • for the fast spraying of large Vertical surfaces like Walls, Edges, Embankments, Canals, Slopes, etc, or a Horizontal wide spray pattern:
  • for the fast spraying of large surfaces like meadows or else.

The Rotation of the mouthpiece can be Manual or Remote controlled.

Technological evolution of the Flexigun Cannon with the introduction of various technical advances, such as:

  • Mouthpiece “long range”,
  • Vertical pointing on sealed ball bearing, lubricated for life,
  • Horizontal pointing turning on a large ball bearing (stainless steel),
  • MMC tangential nozzles,
  • Cables and hoses integrated,
  • Halogen spot light with shock-resistant rubber body, sealed, heavy glass screen, easy washable,
  • Safety Reflex reflectors,
  • The Flexigun Techno is Electrostatic Charge ready,
  • The Flexigun Techno is a TIFONR Patent.

Mouthpiece with an additional ventral output activated at will. Turn the Cannon jet in a broad spraying jet. Particularly useful for the rapid treatment of large areas, such as hedges, embankments, walls and for weed control as well. A typical feature of the New Flexigun Cannon.

Technological evolution of the Flexigun Cannon, now with 22 Plus points:

  1. Turbine with stability ring.
  2. Safety grid on the cannon output.
  3. Volute in HD PE, “noise reducing”.
  4. Vertical Pointing function: with “Autotensor”.
  5. Horizontal Pointing with “Autotensor”.
  6. Greasing facility of ball bearing to the Horizontal Pointing
  7. Greasing facility of ball bearing to Vertical Pointing
  8. Impact-absorbing clutch, with “reset point “.
  9. Sealed, greased for life bearing, on the mouthpiece arm.
  10. Tapered mouthpiece, “Long Range”.
  11. Nozzles AX -2, two faces:
    – standard spraying,
    – ULV – Absolute spraying (VMD90).
  12. Mouthpiece with Additional output “Wide Angle”.
  13. On / Off facility for the Wide Angle output.
  14. Specific nozzle on the Wide Angle output.
  15. Generator for Electrostatic Charge (E±S+).
  16. Intense Upload Polarizer (E±S+).
  17. Powerful Halogen Headlight.
    – Impact-resistant rubber body.
    – Heavy Crystal washable.
  18. Telecontrol Constant Pressure.
  19. Autofilter: The automatic continuous self-cleaning flushing:
    -Never clogged, never to clean. Nozzles always granted free.
  20. Automatic back and forth spray:
    – Active angle adjustable from 15° to 200°,
    – By magnetic sensor, no mechanical part,
  21. System ” ULV – Absolute”:
    – Droplet spectrum MD90,
    – Micronization : VMD90 = 20 µm – 30 µm – 40 µm.
  22. Wireless Push button. Comfortable remote control.

The Techno Flexigun T22 is Electrostatic Charge (E±S+) ready.
The Techno Flexigun T22 is a TIFONE idea.

Instrument allowing the measurement and control in litres / minute of the flow utilized by the machine.
The flow measured can be:

    • Flow rate delivered by the Cannon,
    • Flow rate delivered by the Hand lance,
    • Flow delivered by the Fert’Injector,
    • Flow delivered by any other devices, if any
    • Flow rate values are given in litres / min.
    • Flow rate delivered during a certain period of time,
    • Flow rate delivered to the spraying of a certain plot,
    • Total flow delivered by a certain date or time,

The FLOWMETER exists in 2 versions:

  1. “Compact”, fully mounted on the machine,
  2. “Split”, where the sensor is mounted on the machine and the monitor is mounted in the cab.

All Cannon Sprayers TIFONE are equipped with forklift guides, integrated in the structure.

This is allowing a quick Loading – Unloading of the machine. They are also equipped with a quick locking-unlocking system requiring just 30 seconds.

IMPORTANT. For security reasons, the Loading – Unloading should always be carried out when the tank is completely empty and the spray circuit, washed.

An important feature in the equipment for Pest and Vector Control where, in addition to the Sprayer, it is always necessary to load special accessories such as spare formulations containers, hand pumps, and other equipment according to the work of the day. The “City-320-ecology and the City 500-ecology”, offer the advantage resulting from a total integration, including Micro-dosing Pump, Hose Reel, Manual and Electric, Ultra Low Volume and Thermal fog Aerosol as well. Way is a great free space (approx 45 cm in length and across the width of the platform for auxiliary tools).

It is used to wash the full circuit and spray tank of the sprayer at the end of each spray day. All TIFONE Sprayers are equipped with fresh water tank for the circuit flushing.

Special tank designed for the use of the content of fuel also in slope condition.


Rust proofing very effective and durable obtained by immersion of the part to be protected in a bath of molten zinc. System widely used throughout the TIFONE production.

Rust proofing obtained by immersion of the part to be protected in a galvanic bath (electrolysis)


Abbreviation for ‘Hectare’: corresponding to the surface area of 100×100 m = 10,000 square meters.

The equipment for the Pest and Vector control are mostly used in the evening and during the night, so the headlight is an important operational tool.

The headlight, standard on all models for Pest and Vector Control, presents particular technical characteristics:

  • Halogen Bulb for low consumption and high brightness,
  • Monologue rubber body, shock absorbing
  • Heavy crystal screen,
  • Smooth screen, easy wash for the immediate restoration.

Automatically restrains the hose for easy comfortable filling of the main tank. Enables filling without removing the lid and without having to hold the filling hose. Standard on all models, Citizen Line and “City 320-ecology” and “City-500-ecology”.

Device that allows to play and rewind the hose feeding the Hand lance easily and orderly.
They can be operated manual or electric.

Characterized by the important Plus points:

  1. Hose is gently guided by a system of 4 small rollers,
  2. Instant stopping lever,
  3. Sealed bearings, “for life”,
  4. Electroplating tropical,
  5. Operating pressure of 50 bar. Max pressure 100 bar,
  6. Capacity 50 to 100 meters,
  7. Conversion from Manual to Electric by simple addition of a special electric motor.

In the Flexigun Cannon the nozzles feeding line and power cables are protected from possible damage or breakage and are not producing disturbance to the free pointing of the mouthpiece (TIFONE Pat.)


It is known the risk of accidental shock to Flexigun Cannon during transfers and during the work, in case of passages limited in height or in width or other unexpected obstacles. In order to fully protect the Flexigun Cannon from serious damage with a break of work and costly repairs, TIFONE has introduced the new exclusive “Impact-absorbing Clutch”.

  • ADVANTAGE 1. The impact-absorbing clutch integrated into the base of cannon will absorb any accidental impact to the mouthpiece, when angulated.
  • ADVANTAGE 2. The impact-absorbing Clutch, also leads to the exclusive advantage of being able to change the work area at will on the horizontal plane, allowing the spraying even to otherwise unreachable spray angle.

The planned collimator “Reset” -> • allows an easy immediate realignment to standard.

Anglo-Saxon unit of measurement, corresponding to 2.54 cm. Still widely used in Italy to define the sizes of the fittings and the diameter of the propeller or fan.

Device placed before to the pump. Protects the pump from the entry of debris and foreign matter. Must be kept clean and in perfect condition.

The possibility of a rapid Locking – Unlocking and Loading and Unloading of the machine for Pest and Vector Control from the carrying vehicle (generally a pick-up), is a valuable feature and requested by all operators in the sector.
All TIFONE models, Citizen and City-320-ecology and City 500-ecology, are equipped with a unique system allowing the quick unlock the sprayer in just 20 seconds and to unload it in just another 10 seconds by using hoist or forklift.
In a total time of only 30 seconds, the carrying vehicle is free, ready to be used for other work!
Equally quick and easy the replacement and locking the machine on the vehicle, which takes only 15 seconds more, for a total time of 45 sec.

Of the TIFONE machine from the vehicle in a single step as machine and accessories are one unit. This is possible only if the machine is of the “integral” type, i.e. with all accessories “insiders”. All models of the Citizen K-300. 400. 500. 600 are “integral” units. In the new “City-320-ecology and 500-ecology” the level of integration is complete and includes the Micro-dosing pump, the Ultra Low Volume (ULV) and the Thermal fog Aerosol as well.

Condition or function of accessory mounted to belong physically and functionally to the entire machine. The advantages are a reduced weight, increased functionality, operability, and reliability, together with the compactness and the quick Loading-Unloading facility (in 30 sec.!).

The philosophy of integration is widely adopted and applied in different models, and especially so far advanced in the new “City-320-ecology” and “City-500-ecology.


Abbreviation of kilometres per hour. The distance in thousands of feet, covered in an hour.


Abbreviation Litres per hectare = Litres / hectare.

Abbreviation = Litres per minute Litres / minute.

A typical original characteristic of all TIFONE Cannon sprayers.
Facilitates the achievement of the hatch from the ground without effort and in terms of better comfort and safety.

Integrated lighting system used in tanks that, spreading the light through the walls of the tank itself, makes visible the level of the content.
Useful at dusk and during the night work.
Available for all TIFONE Cannon Sprayers.


Set of rules that govern the characteristics, which they should abide by the machines, especially in the aspect of security.
All TIFONE Equipment are observing these standards, even at a higher level.

Identifies the density of the filter. It can be expressed in mm., as the width of the holes constituting the mesh, or in ‘mesh’ which is the value corresponding to the square root of the number of holes contained in a square inch (= n. Of holes on one side of a square 25.4 mm).

Special equipment allowing working with just clean water in the main tank and make the dosage of formulation specifically requested by the individual type of intervention. The system therefore allows a total operational flexibility, avoiding any remaining of spray mixture at the end of intervention.

IMPORTANT. The Micro-dosing pump should be washed after every use, at the end of intervention, in order to avoid sedimentation of formulate and ensure the prompt efficiency at the next use.

Typical the solution of the new “City-320 and City 500-ecology” including a specially designed and harmoniously integrated group that provides greater operational functionality, reliability, easy cleaning function and quick loading unloading of the sprayer from the pick-up.

Abbreviation for minute, the sixtieth part of an hour.

Portable electro-mixer electrical, 12V DC, for small tanks of formulation for Micro-dosing pump.
Easily transferable from one tank to another.

System maintaining a mixing-agitation of spray mist in the tank and ensuring a uniform concentration of the mixture itself.
Particularly effective and advanced are the TIFONE mixing devices.

Function to achieve and maintain uniformity and constancy of concentration of spray mist inside the tank. Generally based on the utilization of a Venturi Jets.

Devices for controlling the spraying. The TIFONE electro-motorized valves are practical, functional, safe and totally reliable (Bosch motor).


A Special shade of green of the material used for the production of polyethylene tanks, used by TIFONE to prevent the formation of algae inside the tank.


Characteristic of air sprayers, where the nozzles are located outside of the mouthpiece, and with an angle of emission which is tangential to the air stream and ensuring the best “spreading” of the spray mist for a uniform spray cloud.


Distance between two successive trees in the same row of a plantation.

In simple terms, in the field of pesticide spraying, the phenomenon of transmission of an electric charge to individual droplets forming the spray mist emitted by a series of spray nozzles. The effect of a “positive” Polarization is that the spray mist droplets will be electro-statically charged (+) are attracted by any body of electric negative sign (-), including any kind of vegetation, thus favouring a more complete “spray coverage”,

New system to Tripod offering the advantage of never being exposed to short circuits, with serious power loss and possible burns of the contact surfaces made conductive by deposition of pesticide residues and other solidified.

Traditional system the annular polarizer placed on the end of the mouthpiece of the cannon. Currently surpassed by the New Tripod type.

New system offering the unexcelled advantage of producing a deeper ionizing charge and acting on the entire area of formation and emission of fog pesticide, which ensures maximum integral transmission of Electrostatic Charge to the entire population of spray droplets.

Macromolecular compounds obtained by the polymerization of Ethylene. Polyethylene is considered the ideal material for the construction of tanks, smooth also inside and also resistant to all pesticides and to impact. TIFONE was the first to introduce the Polyethylene in the tanks of trailed sprayers in 1989 and is still the only one in the world to have an its own complete production line with a capacity of 600.800.1000.1500.2000,3000 and 4000. (STORM, VECTOR and VECTOR Big.).

The typical pressure adjusting knob of the Telecontrol” Exact”.

Device for measuring the pressure of spray mist within the circuit of the Cannon air sprayer. The value of the pressure is expressed in bar. Typical gauges are characterized by a scale reading fractionated every 0.5 bar for precision work.

Machine suitable to produce a certain flow rate of liquid and keep it at a certain pressure within the circuit of the sprayer. Best pressure pumps are characterized by some exclusive important points:

  • Outputs in heavy brass (solidity),
  • Connecting rods in bronze (durability),
  • Compact valves (easy access),
  • Multiple piston rings (higher efficiency in delivery).

Device for regulating the pressure in the circuit of the Cannon sprayer. Typical and exceptional the Regulator ‘Telecontrol Autofilter Exact’ ensuring a constant pressure and flow stability.

Adjusting of a TIFONE Propeller is fast and easy.
You should, however, do a little practical exercise, to learn how to run the operation with ease and in just 6 seconds.

Some Basic Information:
As the Propeller has a limited inertial weight, is that the operation of the locking release, shall be made with a fast movement.
You only need to learn how to make the required quick movements with the “adjusting key”.
The safety grid of the fan has a central disc with a hole, for the entry of adjusting key, and to reach the centre of the “Big red nut” with a cross-shaped indentation.
Through one of the several slots of the same grid, the adjusting key can then reach a “peripheral slots” found on the propeller cup, cup whose rotation determines the instant adjustment of the 8 propeller blades altogether.
The adjusting key will be rotated “counter clockwise” to loosen the “Big red nut” propeller, and clockwise to relock it, after the blades adjustment is done.

How to proceed:

  1. Hold the adjusting key as follows (for “right-handed” operators):
    • With the Left hand, hold the straight end of the adjusting key (the long end with the final bent as “L”)
    • With the Right hand, firmly hold instead the articulated extreme short end of adjusting key.
  2. Now focus on the fact that your left hand will only keep the bent end within the cross notch of the “Big red nut”, while, with your right hand, you will have to transmit an “instantaneous momentum,” strong enough to loosen the “Big red nut”.
  3. Focusing now on the light weight of the propeller itself, we must use the most of its low inertial mass.
  4. So, if we apply a slow torsional movement, we do not get enough impact to unlock the “Big red nut”. A quick right hand movement, a “jerk”, is essential.
  5. Prior to the rapid movement thereof, to get a higher torsional effect, you must also take a short pre-rotation of the propeller in the opposite direction, and then make the move as quickly as possible, in the direction required for the function (Left hand to release, right hand to relock)
  6. Repeat a few times to become familiar with this type of fast motion, focusing on points, and the operation will soon become easy, instinctive and effective.
  7. Be careful not to overdo the locking of “Big red nut”.
    In fact, the force required to release it is a bit ‘higher” than the force required for locking, once the adjustment is made.
  8. If you block the “Big red nut” too strong, it will be necessary a greater force to unlock it, next time you have to change the adjustment.
  9. So, No need, to over tighten the “Big red nut”.
  10. Normally, it is sufficient a tightening average, obtained with 2-3 pulses, to prevent any accidental
    loss of adjustment.

Box that takes the controls and indicator lights for all functions of a machine. May be “Wired” or “Wireless”. From year 2012 all TIFONE Cannon Sprayers are equipped, as a standard, with the Wireless push button.


Terms of functionality, operability, reliability, durability, aesthetic appeal and the required safety level and so higher and higher by the market and by law, and for all products and services. The concept of quality tends to include the price level, which should not exceed the limits of market acceptance.

Innovative system for a quick unlocking and locking machine for Pest and Vector Control on the floor of the carrying vehicle.
The operation is performed in less than 30sec.: Without bending, without effort, without risks.
The QUICK LOCK RELEASE system is standard on all TIFONE Equipment.
Can also be fitted on the machines of previous supply.


A reference index adapted to indicate a base reference situation. Typical resetting index is the one integrated in the “shock absorbing” system of all TIFONE Mouthpieces.

Residual amount that remains in the tank, as not sucked by the pump, or not downloaded through the valve for emptying the tank itself. Particularly minimum in the “City-320 and City 500-ecology” due to the studied suction sump in the bottom of the tank.

An important feature in the tanks for sprayers. By law, the roughness of the walls, internal and external of tanks for sprayer should not exceed 0.1 mm. Fiberglas tanks are smooth on the outside but rough inside, and becoming more and more rough with time. Therefore, they are technically illegal. Since the year1980. All TIFONE tanks are made of Polyethylene HD, perfectly smooth also on the inside.


Safety device against the projection of parts of the propeller that may explode due to an accident. Place on the output of the blower volute. Present in all TIFONE Cannons.

La possibilità di un rapidissimo Bloccaggio — Sbloccaggio e Carico e Scarico della macchina per Disinfestazione dall’automezzo di trasporto, é una caratteristica preziosa e richiesta da tutti gli operatori del settore.
In tutti i modelli Citizen e City-320 e 500-ecology, ha introdotto un sistema esclusivo che consente di sbloccare la macchina in soli 20 secondi e di effettuarne lo scarico in soli ulteriori 10 secondi, tramite elevatore a forche o tramite paranco.
In un tempo totale di soli 30 secondi l’automezzo è libero, pronto per essere utilizzato per altri lavori!
Ugualmente rapido e facile il Rimontaggio e Bloccaggio della macchina sull’automezzo, che richiede solo 15 sec. in più, per un tempo totale max di 45 sec.! (Brev. TIFONE).

Abbreviation of ‘seconds’, the sixtieth part of a minute, the 1/3.600 part of an hour.

Dispenser of liquid soap. Integrated in the side of the clean water tank. Standard equipment in the new “City 320- ecology and City 500-ecology”.

Head Lance with a special spherical head with 5 nozzles radial oriented. Specially designed, built for the spraying bushes and flowering hedges. The spraying takes place in a soft way, for insertion of the spherical spray head “inside” of the vegetation. Powered directly from any model of Citizen and City.

Special nozzle designed specifically for machines for Pest and Vector Control. All metal: no plastic or rubber parts perishable. Instant Opening and closing, by simply rotating the head of the nozzle itself. Precision spray nozzles, ceramic tips.

It consists of a long-prepared area next to a wall with a series of measuring metric poles. At TIFONE is made for the measurement of the Spray range up to 50 m for Single side Cannon, and up to 70 meters spray range, for Bilateral, Double Cannons. Spraying Range Metering in TIFONE is also equipped for the Measurement of the Intensity of Spray Coverage (see)

Vertical wall, for the relief and the calibration of the distribution of the spray mist emitted by the Air sprayer for Orchards and Vineyards. The Spray Patternator (Prüfstand) is the ideal equipment and essential for the study, testing, tuning and optimization of professional Air sprayers. Present in TIFONE since the year 1979.

Ambiguous term. The Maximum spray range is highly dependent on environmental conditions. The Wind is the first element that can make a big change, increasing it uncontrollably (strong wind in favour), or reducing it drastically (strong wind against). As a best practice and to avoid an uncontrolled drift and pesticide dispersion in the Environment, it is suggested not to spray in case of strong wind, and do it in calm air: Generally early in the morning or in the evening.

A Useful Spray Range of an air sprayer is defined as the distance at which one perceives the arrival of spray mist in amounts considered sufficient to determine an effective Pest and Vector control. The Useful Spray Range is much influenced by the wind, the diameter of the droplets, the ambient temperature and the advancing speed of the machine.

It is the distance at which you can perceive the arrival of a certain amount of spray droplets. The spray range is strongly influenced by the wind, the diameter of the droplets, and the ambient temperature. May correspond to the Maximum Spray Range.


Contains drinking water to aid in case of contact or contamination of the hands, face or other parts of the body with insecticide or pesticide mixture.

Indicates the instantaneous content of the liquid in the tank. Characteristic and exemplary TIFONE Indicators: Mechanical, with a large scale and easily readable. Standard on all TIFONE Spraying Equipment.

It is known the frequent formation of algae within the main tank of the machine, especially when it is used the Micro-dosing pump, which involves the use of pure water in the tank, i.e. without the addition of formulations. With the tedious and cumbersome but necessary cleaning and up to unpleasant consequences to come to clog the filter pump suction, with possible major damage to it. The developed tanks with a special shade of green, called No-Algae Green, which prevents the passage of the range of light frequencies are more conducive to the formation of algae.

Pressure regulator with exclusive features:

  • Automatic self-clean-flushing ‘Autofilter’, integrated,
  • Constant pressure,
  • Micrometer pressure regulation,
  • Pressure gauge with scale reading every 0.5 bar.

Special Equipment generating Thermal Fog Aerosol. Particularly useful for Pest and Vector Control, Disinfection and Sanitation in enclosed areas such as warehouses, silos, basements, etc. Very useful for the sanitation of sewerage systems, where the aerosol mist allows the transport and spread of highly micronized formulated in an ideal way, given its extraordinary ability to penetrate and get along the sewer channels.

New Thermal fog by TIFONE, characterized by the production of a huge amount of Thermal fog aerosol. The New Thermal fog “Super-Cloud” units are able to saturate large areas, up to 1500-2000 cubic meters / minute and more.

Historical brand of prestige that has become synonymous for Quality and Innovation with Specialized Flexigun Cannon Air Sprayers for Pest and Vector Control – by TIFONE Ambiente Srl – and with Agricultural Air Sprayers for Trees, Fruit Trees and Row Crops (Tractor Mounted, Trailed, Self propelled – by TIFONE Srl.

Compartment deputed to contain small replacing parts and tools, useful in case of minor problems at work (nozzles, nozzle rings, clamps, gaskets, wrenches, pliers, etc.). Equivalent of Emergency-box.

Important feature, to ensure full utilization of the contents of the tank in the event of work on steep slopes. Typical the “City-320- ecology and 500-ecology” that has a tank slope of 17 cm, with central rear apex, ensuring complete contents utilization in critical condition.

Typical solution for comfort, convenience and safety adopted in the “City-320 – ecology” and in the City – 500-ecology” where the filling port is present on both the left and right side.


Treatments with very fine mist and very low Volume (litres). Function available for all TIFONE Spray Cannons with push button selection (option).
TIFONE has developed an advanced system called “ULV-Absolute”, for its accuracy and rigor.

Advanced Ultra Low Volume. Type of a fine mist spraying, just “wetting” the target. The “ULV-Absolute” is useful and recommended in combination with TIFONE Electrostatic Charge (E±S+), especially in areas where it is required an almost no fallout and an almost no uncontrolled dispersion of mist into the environment.

Is a new technical excellence.
The ULV-Absolute is the introduction of an Ultra Low Volume with outstanding precision, simplicity and functionality unique and unpublished.
What are the advantages?
It’s applicable to any TIFONE Cannon Sprayer for Pest and Vector Control.
The system is integrated, for which:

  1. It does not increase the weight of the machine.
  2. It does not increase the overall machine dimension.
  3. It produces no noise.
  4. Turn from Normal Volume to ULV-Absolute and v.v. in a few seconds
  5. It allows an immediate adjustment of 3 levels of micronization, just according to the pressure adjustment:
    – D50DMD = 40 microns, at 20 bar pressure
    – D50DMD = 30 microns, at 30 bar pressure
    – D50DMD = 20 microns at   40 bar pressure.
  6. IMPORTANT, and another uniqueness, unique feature:  Due to the sensibility of TIFONE High precision Pressure Regulator (Telecontrol Exact), you can spray “ULV-Absolute” at top speed of engine or at almost idle, and so spray a very far target or a very nearby point.

The system ULV-Absolute is a TIFONE Patent.

Manual spraying Interventions in specific cases such as:

  • Places not accessible with a carried Cannon Sprayer,
  • Washing of rubbish Containers,
  • Spraying of landfills sites, manure piles,
  • Spraying of Landfills Deodorizing, dung, etc.,
  • Destruction of nests of wasps and other dangerous parasites,

Can be powered by any model Citizen City-500-ecology “and” City-320-ecology.

Characteristic of advanced quality, to ensure full utilization of the contents of the tank and also to avoid the stratification of solid pesticides. Exceptional result with the “City-320-ecology and 500-ecology” where the actual residue is just a few ounces.

Feature of quality. Typical the fuel tank of the “City-320-ecology and City 500-ecology”, characterized by a pronounced bottom apex ensuring the use of the whole tank contents even under conditions of extreme slope.


TIFONE Vacuum Probe, suitable for vacuuming any type of insecticide, Powder or Granular, directly from the bag or other commercial package, and automatically transfer to it within the spray tank, not directly, but through the filling screen of the tank fill hole.

  1. The pesticide is instantly suck, mixed and discharged into the fill screen of the tank-filling hole,
  2. So, that the pesticide will not fall unmixed on the bottom of the tank,
  3. But going through the filter and immediately taken around by the powerful mixing flow
  4. So granting a great mixing and absolutely preventing any possible sedimentation.
  5. Allows an exact dosage of the amount of powder or granular to be transferred, dosage that is simply and comfortably performed by placing the bag, or any container containing the pesticide to be dosed, on a common bathroom scale and vacuuming until the weight is reduced by the amount to be transferred (TIFONE Pat.)
  6. The VACUUM DOSING PROBE “F2” prevents any physical and olfactory contact of the Operator with the pesticides, so granting full protection against any risk of contamination of the operator who will work in complete comfort and safety.
  7. Also prevents any accidental dispersion to the ground.

For the selection of the 3 functions: SPRAY (Spraying), FILTER (Intake filter cleaning), WASH (Washing the spraying circuit and tank). In TIFONE equipment, the 3-way selection valve is in heavy brass and plated, for durability and reliability (not plastic!).

Service valve. Always present in TIFONE Spraying Equipment. Useful for various functions such as Hand Lance, feeding of a Boom sprayer for weed control, etc. May coincide with the drain valve for emptying the pump for winter break.

It allows the complete emptying of the tank after the washing of circuit and tank.

In case of long idle, the battery of the machine can loose its charge. In order to keep it under control, an always-active Voltmeter is provided on the cannon pointing cover, for an easy checking.


Small papers that become of an intense blue colour when wet by water. Used for the measurement of the intensity – density of spray mist application. Placed at different distances and different heights to determine the degree and quality of the spray distribution along the spray range of the Cannon.


Typical expression referred to a tank that empties completely, ensuring full use of its content. Typical results obtained in the “City-320 and 500-ecology” where the tanks are characterized by an almost total utilization of the content.

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