100% electric air sprayer

Electric air sprayer suitable for daytime use and especially for nigthime Pest Control activity.
Air sprayer for pest control, completely electric and suitable for disinfestation, environmental sanitation, rapid deodorization and dust reduction. eCitizen air sprayer for pest control is easy, intuitive, modern, silent, equipped with light, controlled with smartphones supplied as standard. Equipped with latest generation LiPo4 battery (Lithium phosphate), self-balancing and with great autonomy: with fast, partial and zero maintenance recharge. Recommended especially for nigthime Pest Control activity, in private or public spaces where maximum discretion is required.

100% Electric Pest Control Air Sprayer

100% Made in Italy

All the production and materials used for the construction of our sprayers are of exclusive Italian origin.

Remote control

Completely electric air sprayer controlled directly with smartphones supplied as standard.

Power and extremely quiet

Spray Range 20-25 meters – 78 dBa max (20 dB less than a diesel engine).

Battery LIFEP04

Latest generation lithium battery for long working autonomy and quick and easy chargin.

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Features that make the difference

Battery LiFePo4

  • 48V 200Ah 10.25KWh
  • BMS High Current (20A)
  • Charging HC balance
  • HC balancing in the Discharge phase
  • Greater efficiency
  • Longer life (> 3000 cycles)
  • Battery pack life> 10 years
  • Fast Recharge (15min + 30%)
  • Fast Partial Refills, preferable to deep discharges
  • Zero Ordinary Maintenance
  • Any simple and economic Extraordinary Maintenance
  • Possibility to replace only the damaged cell and not all the battery

IP68 container

  • Shockproof container
  • Flame retardant container

Interface display

  • Current consumption
  • State of charge (% D.O.D)
  • Cell temperature
  • Progressive counter Ah delivered
  • Charge cycles performed

CanBus control

  • Total interaction with all on-board devices
  • Continuous control of operation
  • Totatal security


  • Data download via USB port
  • Operation counters
  • Temporary Error Diagnosis
  • Permanent Error Diagnosis
  • Operation Graphs (work sessions)

Operational costs

  • Full recharge € 3.00
  • Average annual savings of € 1,500.00 compared to diesel engines
  • Zero Costs for  service
  • Warranty 24 Months or 1000 Cycles

OnBoard Battery Charger

  • 220V AC – 48V DC – 50A
  • IP68 protection
  • CanBus control
    – Direct connection to the battery
    – Monitoring of cell temperatures during charging
  • Fully automatic
    – By connecting the 220V socket, the charging phase is automatically activated, inhibiting all other functions

DUO AC – DC inverter

  • Combined management of AC and DC motors
  • 320A max
  • CanBus control
    – Monitoring of all operating parameters
    – Stop operation in the event of serious errors
    – Power limitation in case of minor errors
  • Automatic Solenoid Contactor 300A
  • Emergency  button 300A manual

Water Pump Motor

  • 48V DC 2.5KW max
  • Belt driven, easily replaceable
  • Temperature sensor (software control)

Flexygun Cannon Engine

  • 48V AC 6KW max
  • Encoder for RPM encoder
  • Temperature sensor (software control)

DCDC 48V-12V inverter

  • 12V on-board electronic power supply
  • 20A max
  • Voltmeter for immediate control


  • Range 20-20m Flexigun Cannon
  • Max pressure 40bar
  • Autonomy Flexigun Cannon (Max power 4h)
  • Flexigun Cannon Autonomy (Power Potenza 5.5h)
  • Autonomy Lancia Mitra> 8h
  • Energy Saver function
    When the Battery drops below 20% charge, the power of the Flexigun Cannon motor and the Water Pump motor are automatically reduced to 70% max to extend the work session.
  • Noise level 78dBa max (> 20 dBa lower than with endothermic engine)


  • App usable with all Android devices version> 7.0
  • 2.4Ghz WIFI connection with password-protected access point
  • Automatic connection to sprayer
  • Totally touch screen interface
  • On – Off General
  • Flexigun Cannon Movements ↑ ↓ ← →
  • On – Off Spray
  • On – Off Led Light Flexigun Cannon
  • On – Off Automatic Vertical Brush Sprayimg System
  • On – Off Flexigun Cannon Motor
  • Flexigun Cannon Engine Speed ​​Adjustment
  • On – Off Water Pump Motor
  • Water Pump Motor RPM Adjustment (for pump flow variation)
  • Connection Indicator
  • Emergency button (exit from the App and immediate machine stop)
  • Dynamic operating data indicators:
    – Battery voltage (volts)
    – Battery charger (% D.o.D.)
    – RPM Flexigun Cannon Engine
    – Temperature

eCitizen electric air sprayer is also practical for indoor disinfection treatments!

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