Great Power for Large Works.

Cannon Sprayer for a very high performance.
Very Powerful Autonomous Unit, integral version, for the Vector and Pest Control, the Environmental Sanitation and Deodorization and Fast Dust Abatement. Suitable for mounting on any truck of adequate capacity. Capacity: 1000, 2000, 3000 liters. Engines from 35 to 90 HP *.

* Recent regulatory restrictions on diesel engine emissions may limit the availability of engine sales of specific power in some markets.

100% Made in Italy

All the production and materials used for the construction of our sprayers are of exclusive Italian origin.

Very high performance

Cannon Sprayer for a very high performance with power from 35 to 90 HP, tanks of 1000 liters and over with spray ranges up to 40/45 m.

3 different density of spray mist

3 different density of spray mist, with instant selection by push button for preventive spraying (Low density), for regular spraying (Medium density) and for areas with large infestation and long-range (High density).

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Features that make the difference

  • With ANTI-DRIFT Technology
  • Electrostatic Charge, High Density (E±S+)*
  • ULV- Absolute *
  • Diesel engines from 35 to 90 HP
  • Automatic protection for the engine: it will stop automatically when critical temperature or lack of oil.
  • Cannon Flexigun, Omni-directional pointing, Vertically and Horizontally.
  • With Wide spraying Mouthpiece, for a fast spraying of large surfaces: hedges, slopes, banks of canals, etc. With ON / OFF facility.
  • Automatic continuous brush-spraying programmable for the desired spray angle. *
  • Analog hour meter.
  • Digital voltmeter for instant control of the atomizer battery charge.
  • Clutch to prevent shocks to the cannon mouthpiece.
  • Spray range up to 40 / 45 meters, horizontally / vertically,
  • Autotensor – Antishock system for a play free Cannon pointing.
  • Tubes and cables: integrated, guided and protected.
  • PE tank 1000 L, White. With a large mech. content meter.
  • Pressure pump from 55 to 120 l / min, 40 bar, connecting rods in bronze, diaphragms in Pentax ((greater durability than Viton membranes)
  • Super-regulating Telecontrol Exact, Constant Pressure.
  • Hot dip galvanized.
  • Hose reels. With 50 meters. Smooth, oil-proof and Lancia Mitra two-lever, adjustable jet-fog. *
  • Easy and fast demounting.
  • All features: Engine start and stop, Gradual Engine acceleration-deceleration, ON / OFF spraying, Cannon Pointing horizontally and vertically, Headlight, automatic “back and forth” spraying, Electrostatic Charge, are controlled by an ergonomic push button, Wireless.
  • Autofilter: Continuous Automatic Self-Cleaning: Spray nozzles never clogged

* Optional

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