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First Specializing Historical Manufacturer of Advanced Pest and Vector Control Equipment.
TIFONE Ambiente is since ever Quality and Continuous Innovation oriented. Smart solutions, Superior Efficiency, Top Performance and Reliability are all contained in the TIFONE Ambiente’s motto: “toward excellence” day by day, every day. Since the TIFONE foundation day: 25th June 1955. During these many years of intense creativity TIFONE know-how and technology have reached greater goals that have made the TIFONE Equipment unique and different at a glance.

iCAT Line

Silenced, Powerful, Convenient = Winner! Ideal for mounting on small pick-up, 2/4 doors, with capacity of 550 kg. or more.

Vento K300 Line

The "entry level model" with a good quality - price ratio. Can be mounted on small pick-ups, Piaggio Porter and similar.

Citizen Line

Low noise, Compacts and Powerful with real spray range up to 35 m. The 300 lt version can be mounted on small pick-ups, Piaggio Porter and similar.

City Line

City Plus, the best machine for pest control, protection and care of the green areas and the environment. A true concentrate of advanced technology.

Citizen Big Line

Great Power, Great works. High performance vector and pest control machines. Suitable for mounting on any truck of adequate capacity.

Atomizzatore per la disinfestazione STONE Big - TIFONE

Stone Line

Ideal for power, range and autonomy. Stage V engine with reduced emissions.

Turbomister Line

Practical, functional pest control machine designed for combined high-efficiency Aerosol ULV Spray and Thermal-Fog treatments.

Spray Crawler Line

Powerful long-range cannon for pest control. Ideal for treatments in Parks, Gardens and other areas that cannot be reached easily.

Termal Fog Line

The Thermal Fogging is useful for any Pest and Vector Control intervention, where active substances should be uniformly distributed, and even in recessed and inaccessible areas, and with any or Minimal residues.

Deodorization and Dust Abatement Cannon Line

Deodorization and Dust Abatement Cannon specially designed to control dust clouds generated during demolition, Mining quarries, etc.

Cobra Line

Agile, powerful and safe Self Propelled Sprayer. COBRA offers safety against accidents and complete hygiene protection.

Atomizzatore per disinfestazione 100% elettrico

eCitizen Line

Air sprayer for pest control, completely electric and suitable for disinfestation, environmental sanitation, rapid deodorization and dust reduction controlled with smartphones supplied as standard.

Suitable for use on any vehicle!

TIFONE pest control machines can be mounted on any model of pick-up, truck and for some lines even on small vehicles.

Always by your side!

TIFONE stands out for its assistance at the highest levels both in the choice of your ideal pest control sprayer and in the widespread after-sales service.


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