We receive from our English customer Advanced Tree Services the thanks of the Environment Department of the English Government, for the effective fight against the oak processionary moth, carried out with our sprayers.

Sometimes a thank you gives more satisfaction than money. We are proud to have contributed with our sprayers to the fight against the oak processionary moth.

The oak processionary moth is one of the most important parasites that attack this type of tree and is developed in several countries of Europe. The name “processionary” derives from the tendency of these larvae to form long processions. Despite being native to central and southern Europe, unfortunately, this moth has spread practically throughout Europe and in some areas of the Middle East.

The Processionary can be very dangerous for the health of plants, animals and people, so much so that since 2017, in Italy, it has become mandatory to carry out interventions to fight the Processionary.

The microbiological fight is the most widespread method of intervention and consists in the use of the biological insecticide Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki (Btk). It is important to know that this insecticide is not toxic to humans and has no contraindications on other animal organisms and acts only on some species of insects, and, therefore, it is absolutely not dangerous for the biodiversity of the area where the treatment is carried out.

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