The BRAVO 600 agricultural air sprayer is ideal in the preventive treatment against the many diseases that can affect chestnut trees.

The chestnut is a fruit tree very common in Italy and in general throughout the Mediterranean. It is a tree that naturally reaches a height of 25 to 30 meters.
The chestnut trees to which all the necessary attention is paid are long lasting, to the point that a single chestnut tree can reach and even exceed 100 years, despite the many diseases that can influence it both in the fruits and in the vegetative part.

To avoid these complications, the important thing is to intervene in time with targeted treatments.

Thanks to their great power and compactness, the TIFONE agricultural sprayers of the BRAVO line are ideal for these types of treatment. Equipped with a wrapping frame, robust and reinforced, with a rounded harmonic shape, they can be equipped with propeller or turbine, with front and rear suction.

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