VECTOR RADIAL 1000-1500-2000 Line Sprayers

Agricultural Sprayer with Robust, Versatile Radial Frame.
The classic line of trailed sprayers that guarantees the best ventilation performance with the utmost reliability: equipped with a radial frame, robust and able to be set up with an infinite series of axial or radial fan devices, with a graduated mechanical level and a circuit flushing system incorporated into the frame to help limit the size without losing capacity in the main tank.  Available with 1000, 1500 and 2000 L capacities, pre-set for application of the Tifone® patented Electrostatic Charge. VECTOR is ENAMA certified with the Torre 32-180AA and Turbofan 32AA equipment.

100% Made in Italy

All the production and materials used for the construction of our sprayers are of exclusive Italian origin.

Robust and Versatile

Radial frame with hemispheric bow, protective band on the ground for the tank.

Tank with the front slope

Highest aspiration and agitation. Immediate cleaning and maximum emptying.

with the Torre 32-180AA and Turbofan 32AA equipment.

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Features that make the difference

  • Radial frame with hemispheric bow, protective band on the ground for the tank* for operating on rough, muddy terrain.
  • Fully galvanised.
  • Compact, harmonious polyethylene tank with innovative front exhaust with total emptying and excellent agitation.
  • Possibility of application of classic devices, “cannone”, “torre”, GDC, HLV, orchard heads, mixed heads to meet all type of crop treatments (wine, fruit and herbaceous plant production) in fields or greenhouses.
  • Mechanical level indicator of the tank clearly visible by the operator.
    Circuit flushing system incorporated into the frame with selection with special valve.
  • Telecontrol Exact constant pressure regulator with incorporated Autofilter, continuously flushed clear and therefore never needs to be cleaned.
  • Continuous automatic incremental agitation.
  • Hand washing tank.
  • 32” (80 cm) and 36” (90 cm) applicable fans with variable powers from 41,000 to 74,000 mc/h.
  • Propeller adjustable instantly (9 possible inclination positions) to adjust and eliminate drift depending on the foliar mass to be treated.
  • Double Nozzles with leak protection AX-2, applied out of power to contain drift and maximise coverage distance and efficiency.
  • Probe F2, sucking probe for pesticides.

* Optional.

All Vector Radial Line Trailed models

Vector Radial Line: available with a large range of Spray Fans and Blowers for any type of Trees Plantations and Row Crops.

Electrostatic Charge High Density (E±S+)Tifone Patented

for a full spray coverage with a minimum of formulate doses need.

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