Efficacy, Economy, Ecology.In just 6 sec. you adjust the Air Volume.

In just 6 sec. you adjust the airvolume. Save up to 50% of Spray Chemicals, possibly more (Dir. UE 2009/127/CE). If you will do a propeller adjustment for a correct air volume during the 4 spray seasons, at year end you will have accumulated a GREAT SAVING!

1) Loosen the Red Nut

Loosen the large Red Nut one turn to unlock the Adjusting Cup.

2) Rotate the Cup

Rotate the cup for adjustment request

3) Back to Tighten the Red Nut

Back to tighten the large red nut to block the adjusting cup again.

Remember to adjust the air propeller at any new Spraying

Remember to Adjust the Air Propeller at any new Spraying, and not to spray over the contoured area to avoid large spray mist dispersion by Air Drift.