When High Quality takes to the field.

Since 1955 TIFONE has been synonymous with quality in the design and manufacture of agricultural sprayers for use in orchards, vineyards, olive groves, nurseries, greenhouses and all horticultural crops in general.
The wide range of production includes various models of agricultural sprayers, tractor mounted and trailed, complete with numerous options that make TIFONE the ideal choice to satisfy every possible treatment need of all operators in the sector.

Eco Mini Line

The ideal, lightest and most compact Agricultural Sprayer for the most difficult terrains.

Vento Line

Sprayer with Very Robust, Compact Double Galvanised Frame.

Bravo Line

Sprayer with Compact, Reinforced Wraparound Frame.

VRP Line

Agricultural Sprayer with Extra-robust Frame, Impact-resistant with peripheral belt, with a full base, hot galvanised.

T-Cannon Line

Trailed and Mounted sprayers for the treatment of full-area crops, including the transit area of the tractor.

Vento Axial Line

Sprayer with Robust, Streamlined Axial Frame.

Easy Vario Line

Trailed Sprayer with Front Fan

Storm Compact Line

The most compact and innovative trailed sprayer on the market.

Storm Line

Sprayer with Very Robust and Highly Efficient Double Frame.

Vector Radial Line

Sprayer with Robust, Versatile Radial Frame.

Vector Big Line

Large Capacity, Very Robust and Highly Efficient Sprayer.

Tifon Car Line

The most complete specific range in defence of poplar trees.

Sprawler Line

The integral mist sprayer for all types of plants.

Cobra Line

Agile, powerful and safe Self Propelled Sprayer.

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TIFONE stands out for its assistance at the highest levels both in the choice of your ideal sprayer and in the widespread after-sales service.


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